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William Rance King, Jr. Testimonial
Westwind N815RK

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the work your company performed on N815RK.  The transformation of the Westwind is amazing!  Both outside and inside the high quality workmanship is evident; the plane is absolutely stunning.

I also want to thank you for making the entire refit process smooth and hassle free.  You and your staff were professional, accommodating, and responsive to my needs.  Your hands-on involvement with the initial planning and Trista Hubbard’s follow-through, prompt delivery of samples, and updates throughout the project kept everything running without a hitch so that the Westwind could be delivered on time. 

You are to be congratulated on a job exceedingly well done and it is my pleasure to recommend your company’s services. 

William Rance King, Jr. 
Ranch King Properties, Inc.

Antonio Tarango Testimonial
King Air 300 XB-RZH

This letter is to thank you, once again for a job well done on the total completion of paint & interior refurbisment of our company aircraft: King Air 300 XB-RZH

We are extremely happy with the results, and our boss is really enjoying his entertainment system and the beautiful interior finish. 

It was an excellent idea to use the harlequin paint on our exterior design; the airplane stands out just sitting on the ramp, and everybody has great comments about it. 

Your company provides the best quality of work and craftmanship you can find and also pays special attention to make the best on every detail;  we have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. 

We want to thank you without leaving anybody out, every single member of your staff from Accountng to Paint & Interior shops, for being so nice to us and for such a great job, we enjoyed getting to know everybody;  please let them know we think the best of them. 

And last but not least: Jenny & Monica, who made an enormous effort on providing the best of design and material ideas and kept us informed of every detail, with e-mails and pictures during the whole process, they are friendly and professional, and were very patient with us... they are the best. 

Thank you, and keep up the good work. 

Antonio Tarango
Rancho Zaragonza Hermanos

Gary L. Evans Testimonial 
1968 Aero Commander Shrike

During 2001, we purchased a 1968 Aero Commander Shrike aircraft.  The aircraft required significant upgrades, including new paint, due not only to condition of the existing finish, but also because of additions such as new wingtips, vertical stabilizer cap, and rudder cap.  After a diligent search, we requested that Aerosmith perform the exterior refinishing.  The results were nothing short of extraordinary.  To begin with, the paint stripping process was done with extreme care, did not harm the underling surface in any respect, and Aerosmith spent many long hours properly preparing the surface of the aircraft.  The resulting base coat was probably the finest I have ever seen, regardless of the type of value of the aircraft, and the details were performed with corresponding precision and excellence.  There were demanding technical issues that required extra attention as well, such as removing years of accumulated sealer from around the aircraft windows, and replacing and properly resealing the windshields and windshield surrounds.  Moreover, Aerosmith replaced major portions of the interior as well, revealing that it has significant expertise beyond the exterior refinishing of aircraft.  While it is tempting to describe the result as factory new, the simple truth is that the aircraft’s resulting appearance was far better than any Aero Commander that ever came from the factory.  

We make an unqualified recommendation on Aerosmith’s behalf in connection with any of the services it offers.  Aerosmith and its professionals at all times demonstrated exemplary skill, knowledge, experience and training in connection with the services they provided to our Aero Commander.  Their services ensured the safe and efficient refinishing and refurbishment of our aircraft, and Aerosmith’s employees provided the same level of care that we would if we were working on our own aircraft.  As an aviation law firm, we have had numerous opportunities to see the results of many refinishing procedures that were not properly performed and the damage to aircraft that can result.  Aerosmith’s professionals consistently demonstrated an exercised superior technical skills, and the aviation industry needs and appreciates companies that understand the importance of properly refurbishing aircraft, the need for those services to be properly performed, and the consequences of improper performance.  Aerosmith and its dedicated employees understand the importance of the work they perform, and because of that understanding the services provided, Aerosmith’s services will remain in high demand. 

Gary L. Evans
Coats & Evans Attorneys

Eugene A. Cernan Testimonial

Thank you so very much for the beautiful handmade antler pen you sent me for Christmas.  It is an outstanding work of art, and I am sincerely appreciative of your thoughtfulness.  

I hope 2010 is the best year ever for you and Aerosmith Aviation.  Hope to see you sometime soon. 

P.S. Thanks also for the Christmas ornament - it was a great hit with my grandkids!

Eugene A. Cernan

Ray Roberts Testimonial
N370BC Boeing 737

This private owned Boeing 737 was turned over to Aerosmith Aviation in late 2006 for a complete paint removal and repaint.  All requirements for this job were met on schedule and the work performed was perfection.

The dedication of the Aerosmith group was excellent and required no ownership supervision during the two months of paint removal, repaint, and considerable interior work. 

I will personally rate the ownership, and complete staff, as being outstanding at all times.  I will recommend Aerosmith Aviation for aircaft painting above all other companies that I evaluated.  

When the time demands that this airplane, or another airplane of our company requires paint I will return to Aerosmith without question. 

Ray Roberts
Basic Capital Management Inc.